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Popular Aquarium Fish Related to Goldfish

Do you know there are so many other Popular Aquarium Fish Related to Goldfish? It might be little hard to believe but Goldfish belong to one of the largest fish families called Cyprinidae. Goldfish might not physically similar to none of their relatives from outside but there are many common things among them. So check

What fish can live with Goldfish Best tank mates

Finding good tank mates for Goldfish is always a problem. You will find people say their pet Goldfish gets along with all sorts of fish but remember there are over 100 breeds of Goldfish out there. Some of these types of Goldfish have poor vision and slow moving so they won't able to compete for

Before buy Goldfish Things you need to know

If you plan to buy Goldfish then do not do it like going for blind date. Make sure you know what types of Goldfish are good for your tank and how many you can house in your aquarium. Always research about fish you plan to buy. Don't believe everything your pet store staff telling you.

Why Goldfish bowls are a bad idea

   Buy a tank for your pet Goldfish Not a Bowl Any experienced and proper Goldfish keeper will tell you why Goldfish bowls are a bad idea. Even a child should able to understand why. But sadly, There are many would not accept the fact Goldfish are not for bowls.  You will hear some say

Goldfish LifeSpan How long do they live ?

Goldfish are one of the aquarium fish types with longest Lifespans. Fancy Goldfish types live 10-20 years but those single tail types like Common or Comet goldfish might live 30 to 50 years. There are over 120 types of fancy Goldfish so it's not easy to generalize their lifespan. But When you know which breed

How Much to Feed Goldfish

This is a common question asked by newbie Goldfish Keepers. How much to feed Goldfish? The quick answer is not much as they or you want to. Now if you have read our previous post called  Goldfish don’t have a stomach then you must have learned Goldfish don’t have a stomach but a very long

Goldfish don’t have a stomach

Do you know why Goldfish eat all the time without stopping? Well, it's not their fault. There is a good reason for why these cute goldfish are soo greedy about food. In this post, you can learn the reason as well as how to control their diet. They should not be given food all the