Goldfish LifeSpan How long do they live ?

Goldfish Lifespan

Goldfish Lifespan is one of most frequently asked question by Goldfish keepers as well others who interested in fish keeping. There is no clear answer since there are more than 120 types of Goldfish out there. Lifespan depends on several factors apart from the breed of Goldfish. All these types of Goldfish can live at least 6-7 years before they become “old”  or “weak”. But there are other facts which can their Lifespan longer or shorter. There are many important things like Tank Space, Health and quality of food. Before talking about how long each breed of  Goldfish normal life, let’s look at those important facts which help them to live long.

Does Tank Size give a boost to Goldfish Lifespan?

Goldfish do live to swim and they are big fish. Plus their ancestors are from big lakes. So naturally, they enjoy lots of space rather than living in a crowded tank. This is why Pond Goldfish live longer than Tank Goldfish. Smaller types of Goldfish like Ranchu, Telescope, Pearlscale should have 20 gallons of water for each fish or more. Bigger types of Goldfish like Comets, Common Goldfish or Shubunkins need more water at least 30-40 gallons per adult fish. So let’s say if you have a 50-gallon aquarium and one pet Goldfish, That guy or girl will live longer. For baby Goldfish you don’t need a big size tank but when they grow its better upgrade your aquarium.

Water Quality helps them to live longer

Its like fresh air to us, humans. Goldfish enjoy fresh, clear water very much. This is why it’s important to do small water changes regularly. There are those who do daily water changes but at least you can do 20% water change twice a week. Your Goldfish will grow faster and also, they will live longer. Goldfish enjoy highly oxygenated Water. So make sure to add air stones unless your filters do that.

Quality Food Increase Goldfish Lifespan

Goldfish do need quality food. This will keep them stay healthy but also increase Goldfish Lifespan. Goldfish are known to eat nonstop and it’s not their fault (Read about it Here). You should feed them high-quality fish pellets. Food which includes fillers, wheat, wheat gluten, or land animals meat is not good for them. Skin removed frozen peas, frozen zucchini, boiled broccoli can be given time to time along pellet food. A balance Goldfish diet will keep them live longer.

Goldfish Lifespan – Known Records

Guinness Record for longest living Goldfish is 43 years. A Common Goldfish called Tish which was brought from a fair in 1956 and died in 1999. There is a record of another Common Goldfish which lived for 41 years. But there must be Goldfish which outlived both these guys but haven’t recorded. Especially in lakes and rivers Goldfish released by their owners after they grow too big or they become unwanted.

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