What fish can live with Goldfish Best tank mates

What fish can live with Goldfish

What fish can live with goldfish? Now, that is a big question every new Goldfish keeper has. When finding a tank mate you need to be very careful. Goldfish are generally peaceful. They are not aggressive or territorial. They prefer to mind their own business which is most of the time food and occasionally mating. But because of their chubby bodies and twin tails, they can’t easily escape from other predator fish. Also because of bright colors hiding usually doesn’t work either. So its always a problem finding good tank mates from Goldfish.

Best thing to do is keep them only with other Goldfish. To make it even better keep them only with their own breed of Goldfish. This is the 100% secure and safe way to keep them happy and healthy. Those big single tail types of Goldfish like Commons, Shubunkin or Comets don’t really bother about tank mates or having their own mate as long as they have plenty of food and space to swim.

Sterbas Corydora Catfish


These cute bottom feeders also know at Cory Cats. Both these fish none aggressive so they won’t fight each other for territory. But, There will be lots of competition for food. If it’s single tail Goldfish then Cory cats will have a hard time getting enough food. But they will able to complete with slow-moving Goldfish types. Still, they have to be bigger than mouths of your Goldfish. Also if your tank is smaller than 50 gallons this might not work. Since both types are bottom feeders both need space in the bottom of the tank. Especially Cory cats do.

Koi Fish


Koi can be good tank mates for big single tail Goldfish breeds. All these fish get really big some they are great for big outdoor ponds. Koi should not keep with slow-moving Goldfish like Bubble eyes, telescope or even with Oranda. Koi carps are big strong fish. Not suitable to live with Goldfish.

Best Tank Mates for Goldfish

Fish smaller than Goldfish

never keep fish which fits mouth of Goldfish in the same tank. Goldfish are willing to eat anything. That goes for everything that fits into their mouths. Small fish like Neon Tetra or Guppy might not survive in a Goldfish tank.

Tiger barb fish


Tiger Barbs, Rosy Barbs or any other types of barbs won’t be good either. Almost all these guys are nasty fin nippers. Should not keep with Goldfish in the same tank. But do you know both Barbs are Goldfish belongs to the same fish family? Even though Goldfish no longer has it, carps still do have barbs.

Oscar Fish


Cichlid types are aggressive and territorial so It’s a really bad mix. Goldfish are used as feeder fish For large Cichlid types like Oscar. Some Goldfish keepers like to keep Angelfish along with Goldfish. But even Angelfish bully Goldfish.

So What fish can live with goldfish?

Honestly, the only way to make sure your Goldfish are safe is by keeping them with other suitable types of Goldfish. They are peaceful but it’s not easy for them to let along with other fish. Even those Loach fish types and Pleco fish try to eat their slime coat. So if you have Goldfish then just stick with Goldfish. If you like to have a community tank with different types of fish then Goldfish are not for you. No matter what you read online that’s the hard truth. There are isolated cases even an aggressive fish like Oscar get along with Goldfish but it’s just a very rare random thing. in 99% times, it wouldn’t happen like that. Otherwise you will find out the truth hard way.

When people say Goldfish there are about 125 breeds get generalized. A big Single tail common Goldfish might do fine with Angelfish and keep would say my Goldfish has been living with Angelfish for years. But that won’t work for your Oranda, Bubbles eyes or Ranchu Goldfish.


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