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Before you Buy Goldfish ..

If you want to buy Goldfish as pets there are several things you should think about first. This might be the first time buying a Goldfish or, this is the first time you are having fish as pets. Or maybe you want a Goldfish as a pet for your kid or grandkids. Sometimes people buy Goldfish or other fish without planning and then it becomes a disaster. A headache for you and traffic to your pet Goldfish. When you get into the hobby of fish keeping it’s always important to research first. That way you can keep your fish happy, enjoy the sight and also it can be quite educational for kids.

It’s not an expensive hobby or compared to having a dog or cat you need less space and fish needs less attention than a dog or cat. So how to make sure everyone is happy including your pet Goldfish?

Decide How Big Your Tank Will be Before Buy Goldfish

Not everyone can keep a 6 feet aquarium at their houses. So an important fact to remember is a Goldfish needs at least 20 gallons to live comfortably. So if your tank is 20 Gallon or you have space only for 20-gallon tank then you should have only one Goldfish. You might think I’m buying baby Goldfish so I can have several of them or keep him in a small tank. But these guys grow fast and soon you will be facing too many troubles and your fish won’t be happy either.  Never buy Goldfish breeds like Common, Comet or Shubunkin unlike for a pond or you have a large aquarium which can offer 20-30 gallons per fish.

Having less fish means less bioload and you don’t have to change water or clean filters too often. So, the first thing to consider how big your Goldfish tank will be and how many Goldfish you can put in it. This is a key factor in keeping your fish healthy and also to see them grow fast. One thing you must know is putting your fish in a Goldfish Bowl is the worst thing you can do to them. Never put a fish in a bowl.

Only Buy Goldfish Breeds Suitable for Your Tank

So, You have decided the tank size. Now you need to decide what type of Goldfish you should have. As mentioned before Shubunkins, Common Goldfish and  Comets are better for ponds. Unless you have a 100-gallon aquarium or bigger. Also, Better not mix them with slow-moving breeds like Bubble eyes, Telescope, Celestial Goldfish etc. These slow-moving Goldfish breeds are good for small tanks but they are not bigger fish.

Goldfish don’t like tall fish tanks. With their large bodies, it’s hard for them to reach the surface. Tall tanks are more suitable for Cichlid types. Also, heavily planted tanks are not suitable for Goldfish. They will destroy your aqua plants in a couple of days.

Choosing healthy Goldfish

Now if you have decided to which types of Goldfish you should have, it’s time to buy your Goldfish. High-quality show grade Goldfish would be super expensive. Those expensive fish are not for average fish keepers. If you are buying fish from local pet stores or places like Walmart, Petsmart, Petco makes sure of choosing healthy fish. Don’t let them pick fish for you. Tell them you want healthy fish before they start catching. Also, you pick the fish you want. Show them which Goldfish you want. You are paying for the fish so it’s your right to pick which Goldfish you are going to take home.

Always buy active fish. They come running for food or actively swimming around the tank then that’s a healthy fish. always go for them. Pick fish with bright colors. If they just stay on the bottom or gulping for air on the surface then something wrong. Also look carefully at their fins and body to see if there is anything unusual. Lice, white spots on body or fins (white spots on grill plates means its male), red patches or spots etc. If you find the whole tank is infected with white spots or something like that then better not buy fish from there. They use same nets for all tanks.

Okey to buy deformed Goldfish?

Because they are hybrids, Goldfish have higher deform rate than any other aquarium fish. Usually, breeders cull them at the baby stage but sometimes you will find one or two escape death and reach pet stores. These deformed Goldfish are fine unless you plan to breed. It’s really nice if you can give one of these poor fish a home.

Quarantine new fish in a hospital tank.

If you already have Goldfish then never add new fish right away into your tank. Every fish keeper must have a hospital tank for quarantine new fish as well to keep sick fish until they get healthy. Fish lice problem is very common among Goldfish. So put your new Goldfish in a quarantine tank and check them carefully for lice. Plus for any other fish diseases. Keep them there for a week or so. Even more, if they are sick.

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